Cuccio Naturale Herbal DETOXSOAK Starter Kit

By Cuccio Naturale

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Picture of Cuccio Naturale Herbal DETOXSOAK Starter Kit

The stand alone DETOXSOAK service starts with 15 minute soak in warm water with magnesium sulfate crystals and a botanical blast of  herbal extracts that may help to soothe and refresh, relieve stress and elevate mood. It also helps to soften and hydrate rough skin to help with the removal of resistant calluses. Herbal extracts include, Citrus aurantium amara peel, Artemisia absinthium and Phellodendron-amurense bark. The foot soak is followed by an easy-to-learn 15 minute foot and leg massage technique using Cuccio Naturale's Somatology Massage Serum. Somatology combines the best of Reflexology, Acupressure and massage to create the most accurate and beneficial results. This blissful service will automatically have clients delighted and scheduling services more frequently. DETOXSOAK™ and massage service can be combined with a pedicure service. (The charge would be for two services) 

Packet contents:

  • 1 6.0 oz. DETOXSOAK packet
  • 1 fl oz. Somatology Massage Serum
  • Technique cards